The Astral® series has been developed specifically for outdoor cultivation with flowers in autumn and has been part of our commercial range in France for many years. We offer numerous colours for early flowering at the start of September, including the white flowers of Astral® Leukothea, a new addition. Three further varieties are available for the later flowering period at the end of September. All varieties are recognisable by their very dense, natural branching, with no growth regulators required. All of them are also highly resistant to powdery mildew.

Calypsopink   38-39 
Himaliaviolet / purple   38-39 
Leukotheawhite   35 
Lunepink   35-36 
Tethysblue / lavender   35-36 
Thalassablue   35-36 
Tritonblue   38-39