MiniFamous® Neo

vigorous growing • good branching varieties • ideal for baskets and big containers • wide colour range

Blue (KLECA12236)blue   
Firestorm (KLECA16017)red   
Flamingred + yellow   
Hot Pink (KLECA14265)hot pink   
Light Blue '16 (KLECA16320)light blue   
Light Blue Veinviolet/violet eye   
Mangosalmon eye   
Orange + Red Eye (KLECA16334)orange with red eye   
Pink '13 (KLECA13251)pink   
Pink + Red Eye (KLECA10216)pink with red eye   
Pink Dark Eyepink/purple zone   
Pink Dark Punchpink, dark eye   
Purplepink purple   
Rosepurple pink   
Royal Blue '16 (KLECA16316)blue   
True Yellow (KLECA15327)yellow   
White '12 (KLECA12235)weiß