Being hardy the Diantica® varieties are very well-suited for potting in autumn and for early sales in the following year. The beautiful, scented flowers bring a romantic flair to every garden. Due to their hardiness the Diantica® varieties can be produced outdoor with a sales period between April and May depending on weather conditions. Sales in combination with early spring crops are possible with a cold indoor production. The varieties can furthermore be produced in summer for sales in late summer and autumn.

Bordeaux (previously sold under the name Diantica® Dark Purple) (KLEDG18273)dark purple    
Lavender + Eye (KLEDG10117)pink with eye    
Orchid (KLEDG10119)dark pink    
Pink + Starlight / purple center    
Raspberry Cream (KLEDG13158)burgundy    
Soft Creampink    
Strawberry Cream (KLEDG15176)dark red, pink eye    
Velvet (KLEDG13160)burgundy    
Violet Blueblue    
White + Eye (KLEDG14174)white with eye    
Wild Berry (KLEDG13146)burgundy