Oscar® is the leading series among pot carnations. With a homogenous growth habit, good branching and early flowering this line is a key to success for every producer. Varieties are available in many beautiful colours, and especially the two-colored varieties should not be forgotten.

Oscar® (KLEDP07089)cherry red with dark centre  
Cherry (KLEDP11109)red  
combination 1 - Red, Pink, Purple Wings
combination 2 - Red, Pink Star, Purple Star '19, Purple Wings
combination 3 - Dark Red, Purple Star '19, Pink
combination 4 - Violet and Pink, White and Red, Pink Star
Dark Red (KLEDP11108)burgundy  
Pink (KLEDP10105)pink  
Pink and Purple (KLEDP10111)pink with purple eye  
Pink Star (KLEDP15181)pink  
Purple Star '19 (KLEDP18090)pink  
Purple Wings (KLEDP12152)purple pink  
Red (KLEDP11114)red  
Red Starpink / red eye  
Salmon (KLEDP15179)salmon  
Violet and Pink (KLEDP17262)violet and pink  
White (KLEDP18292)white   
White and Redwhite and red