In addition to our main series FlowerPower®, we also offer Compact FlowerPower® with very compact varieties. Double flowering varieties are called 3D and Plaisir® is a line with trailing varieties. Our SummerHero® series consists of varieties with great summer performance. Selecta is without any doubts the market leader in the area of Osteospermum breeding. Our Osteospermum Compact FlowerPower® Purple Sun won the FleuroStar Award 2018/19 of Fleuroselect and will be included in our assortment in season 2019/20.

Ice (KLEO06123)white 
Lavender and White (KLEOE15272)lavender, white 
Magic Orange (KLEOE13209)orange 
Pink + Eye ´12 (KLEOE12197)pink with eye 
Pink Honeyyellow with a puprle ring 
Purple ´12 (KLEOE12201)purple 
Red ´16 (KLEOE16278)red 
Shadow Lemonyellow with a lavender ring 
Spider Pinkpink 
Spider Purple ´16purple 
Spider Whitewhite 
White ´13 (KLEOE14205)white