To give our range more a simpler structure and reduce complexity,only the FlowerPower® series will now be available. The series is homogeneous in terms of growth and displays a great range of colours. Our new prototype is round and compact and the flowers stand out immediately against the leaves. The Purple Sun takes centre stage as a high light of our new, unique series.

Blue (KLEOE12190)blue 
Creme (KLEOE09156)cream 
Crystal Pinkpink / white eye 
Dark Purple (KLEOE18358)purple 
Lavender Pink '14pink, white ring 
Light Pink (KLEO03103)light pink 
Magic Orange '20yellow orange 
Pink (KLEOE17007)pink 
Pink + Eye '21pink with eye 
Pink Sunpink purple / orange tips 
Purple '12 (KLEOE12201)purple 
Purple '18 (KLEOE17333)purple  
Purple Sunorange/purple eye 
Red '21red 
Spider Pinkpink 
Spider Purple '16purple 
Spider Whitewhite 
Tropic Sunyellow / purple ring 
White (KLEOE18301)white 
White '13 (KLEOE14205)white 
Yellow '19 (KLEOE18318)yellow