Famous Petunias for hanging baskets, Compact Famous for pot production, small-flowered Charming varieties and SweetSunshine® varieties with double flowers - here you can find the right variety for every use. The different Surfinia® varieties are new in the assortment.

Blue (Balspunlu)blue 
Carmine Star '20magenta / white star 
Dark Pink (KLEPH11199)dark pink 
Lavender Star '18lavender veins 
Lemon Yellowyellow 
Light Blue (KLEPH13228)blue 
Magenta (KLEPH15254)purple 
Magenta Starpurple magenta/white bicolor 
MysterySkyblack / cream spots
Pinkdark pink 
Pink Purple Veinpink / purple veins 
Purple Starpurple with white star 
Velvet '20violet purple 
Watermelonorange/apricot veins