One line - triple impact! Compact with an upright mounding growth and early flowers for pot production, Standard with a mounding growth for basket and mixed pots or Baskets or with a vigorous but flat growth for mixed baskets - all varieties of the Curaçao line® convince.

Basket Dark Blue ´12 (KLELE12095)dark blue 
Basket White (KLELE11769)white 
Blue (KLELE06116)blue with eye 
Compact Amethystlavender 
Compact Blue '12 (KLELE12094)light blue 
Compact Dark Blue (KLELE13407)blue 
Compact Whitewhite 
Dark Purplepurple 
Electric Purplepurple 
Light Bluelight blue 
Midnight Blue (KLELE10724)dark blue 
Minibasket White (KLELE08621)white