Wagagai LTd. Uganda

Perhaps the best location in the world to produce poinsettia! In addition, the climate is ideal for a large proportion of the bedding and balcony plant assortment.

The vegetative climate with high radiation, constant humidity and mild temperatures generates vigorous and fast rooting cuttings. The proximity to the airport in Entebbe guarantees extremely short transport routes, so that our customers worldwide receive freshly harvested cuttings from Uganda.

At Wagagai Ltd. social aid programmes and an extensive medical care were set up at an early stage.  The farm's own clinic has highly trained professionals. It acts as a maternity hospital far beyond the farm also in the entire region. The baby care looks after the employees’ infants and young children all year round and ensures their health with important vaccinations in a country where the infant mortality rate is higher than average.

Programs for HIV awareness, family planning as well as micro-funding are offered together with local charities. Several times Wagagai Ltd. got international awards for the achieved high social standards and sustainable management of the whole farm.