Due to our process of carnation expertise developed over years, today, we stand for innovative carnation breedings and successful product launches of cut and pot carnations. In 2017 we took a new approach with our sales strategy (first time in our company’s history). To consolidate the Pink Kisses® brand on consumer level, increasing its popularity even further, we are engaging into direct dialogue with the end-consumer.

The pink pot carnation captivates by excellent cultivation characteristics and is easy to cultivate in any given pot size. Another advantage is the striking flower shape and its outstanding shelf life. The beautiful, slightly fragrant flowers trigger a purchase desire by many. Therefore, Pink Kisses® is very suitable as a gift.

The slogan „Pink Kisses® - as beautiful as our friendship“ addresses young women who want to surprise their best friends with a present.

The results show that our communications campaign reached the target group and media: around 30 million contacts by distribution via online and social media, women’s magazine, TV and live events.

The Pink Kisses® campaign measurable reached the retail as well. A study of Agricultural Market Information Company (AMI) from September 2017 presented that Pink Kisses® is available throughout all distribution channels. The German distributors want to buy more and more pot carnations and are willing to pay more for it.

Pink BOOM! – Pink Kisses® journey continues!

We continue our communications strategy for Pink Kisses® by promoting it as a symbol of friendship between young women at the age of 18 to 35.

In April 2018 the campaign is extended by a web shop for online affinity internet users. Here you can get exclusive Pink Kisses® gifts.

Benefit from a strong campaign and create a perfect setting for this irresistible mini-carnation Pink Kisses®!

Besides existing promotion material like Friendsticks, labels, posters and printed pots, there are further possibilities to promote Pink Kisses® in retail even more attractively in 2018.

For example, the POS-display with Pink Kisses® in water storage coverpots for an ideal presentation of Pink Kisses® at the point of sale. The sales display is an easy to handle and transportable and it is a real eyecatcher due to the attractive design. Furthermore, it is easy to care at the point of sale and for the consumer due to water storage coverpots.

Are you interested?

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions: marketing@selecta-one.com

The campaign layouts for download:

All elements of the Pink Kisses® campaign are copyrighted and the property of Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG and its affiliated companies. It is permitted to apply them only for advertising purposes and only in connection with the Pink Kisses® campaign and the sale of our Pink Kisses® plants.

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