Capitán® - From the breeder's treasure chest

Travelling means discovery. Wanderlust sometimes leads us to foreign lands and often back to familiar places. We bring back little treasures from every place we visit.

The four varieties from the Capitán® line develop their full strength in big pots and containers, where they appeal not only to customers as pot carnations. They are also well-suited for spontaneous floral decorations. Simply cut them, place them in a vase and reap the compliments.

The Retail+

Potential: Vigorous varieties for big pots, optimum marketing product for the premium sector. Excellent transport efficiency and long shelf life at the Point of Sale. Good article for impulse buyers, attracts the customer with its sweet appearance.
Target group: Consumers of all age groups, whether as a gift with a retro effect or for personal use.
Pull effect: Easy-care, undemanding plant. Capitán® cultivars have great added value as they can also be used as cut flowers. Combines well with summer perennials. True treasures for any balcony and patio planting!
Sales: Secondary placement with a special display

Fitting products