Colour your life - the easy way!

Never before has choosing harmonious plant combinations been easier than with these trendy triplets. Trixi® simply promises an all-round perfect balcony experience.

Buy it, plant it and enjoy the diversity of the flowers. Trixi® is every balcony gardener’s best friend, because in every combination there are three tried-and-tested complementary varieties growing in one pot. The result: a constantly flowering summer dream without any compromises. Easy as one-two-three, with minimal care, no need for a green thumb and ever-changing new combinations.


Potential: Convenience product that virtually sells itself, even without special sales advice. Offers perfect balcony solutions for the customers of garden centres and flower shops – without taking up a lot of space. Excellent flowering of tested combinations of homogeneous varieties, no extensive knowledge of plants and plant care necessary.
Target group: Consumers without much experience with plants with little time and space. Consumers with a distinct trend awareness.
Pull effect: Information brochures, printed pots, poster, photo material and much more support for the plant retailer.
Sales: Secondary placement with a special display.

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