HOMELAND - Alpine Feelings

Homeland is more than just house and home. It is a life feeling that is somewhere between the beloved scents of childhood and a kind of warmth and security that can only come from the existence of familiar values. "Alpengärtner" (Alpine Gardener) brings the homey flair of Alpine landscapes to your balcony. Mountain flair can also be showcased at the POS with long-range effect.


Potential: The AlpenGärtner concepts not only sell plants, but also create a positive holiday feeling and unique storytelling, boost brand confidence of consumers in regional and authentic products.
Sales: Premium plants excellently suited for later marketing.
Quality: Outstanding shelf life and sustainability for the consumer, AlpeTunia® and pelargoniums are weatherproof, fast-growing and extremely disease resistant.
Cross promotions: Ideal product for supporting classic retail themes such as “Oktoberfest”, the “Bavarian Weeks”, etc.

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