Pink Kisses® - Just for You!

Pink Kisses® – the perfect way to say, “I’m glad to know you”. A little present without a lot of fuss yet chosen with care. Giving a gift with love can stabilize a relationship, as a present is also an expression of appreciation. And Pink Kisses® are really good at this. The name says it all. Never before was gift-giving so easy!



Potential: Interesting and striking flower shape with charming petal variegation and appealing scent, triggers buying impulse. Positioning as a gift item through target group-oriented communication by Selecta one. Emotionally charged product. Convincing for retailers due to excellent storage efficiency.
Target group: Consumers of all age groups, especially young women and girlfriends.
Pull effect: Nationwide B2C campaign. High demand due to widespread communication about the cultivar in social networks
and print media.
Sales: Secondary placement with a special display.

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