RECARNATION - Revival of the carnation

A dear old friend enjoys resurgent popularity. When looking back on past decades – and also into the present – the growing desire for neo-retro styles is obvious. And also from the pool of childhood memories, the carnation is also experiencing a grand revival. Plants we remember from Grandma’s house are a part of a large pool of shared memories. And that makes the pot carnation, which is a style icon of a past era, so attractive to today’s trendsetters. And yet, similar to the modern-day record player, the modern carnation has also become a high-tech product, thanks to cuttingedge cultivation techniques. Durable, long flowering, easy-care and up-to-the-minute flower colours – how can you not love them?


Potential: Around 30% of all plants are impulse purchases or gifts bought to give on a special occasion. The renaissance of old favourites is a big trend for consumers.
Target group: Consumers of all age groups, as gift or for personal use, increasingly also young consumers with a penchant for retro trends.
Sales: Secondary placement with a special display, e.g. ‘Pink Kisses’ as a plant & pot set or miniature.
Storage efficiency: Carnations also meet the demands of storage and transport efficiency on all levels of retail.
Marketing: Some varieties year-round.

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