Serengeti® Grasses - Wild and noble!

The wild and graceful beauty of the Serengeti touches people’s hearts. A storytelling of nature, freedom and awareness.

Grasses are true trendsetters. Not only do they always create an attractive setting for temporary plantings, they also look great as stand-alone plants. New varieties and species are constantly being added to the range, making sure things never get boring. And, yes: Seregenti® grasses also add a touch of wilderness to balconies, terraces and gardens. But only as much as our cultivated thirst for adventure can stand.

The Retail+

Potential: Unique storytelling for the trendy theme “grasses” through support for the Serengeti project. Constantly growing selection; thanks to outstanding shelf life, low risk for retailers. Very easy-care for the end consumer.
Target group: Consumers of all age groups, whether as a gift with an inspiring story and a “clear conscience” or for personal use.
Pull effect: Climate protection: Grasses are C4 plants and absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. Species protection: Donation for preservation of the Serengeti.
Sales: Secondary placement with a special display. Much of the range can be produced and marketed all year. An excellent combination plant for every occasion

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