Circus Sky

Clear the ring for the spectacular new Petunia Circus Sky. With its enchanting and appealing appearance it takes everyone into the fascinating world of the circus.


We reveal the secret of our new pot carnation novelty for the 2020/21 season.

Rave® Pink Hawaii

The new variety Calibrachoa Rave® Pink Hawaii with yellow-white center is a real eyecatcher.

SkyStar® – The Superstar of Christmas Stars

Our Poinsettia novelty 2020: red coloured leaves covered in white dots, like the flares of a spotlight.

SKYfamily – Legendary Petunias

Each flower a miniature universe!

Scully – Cosmic beauty

Our pot carnation novelty 2019: Scully. A variety of unique brilliance.

Christmas Mouse® – a slightly different Poinsettia

Classic colour, new shape – framed in a cute Christmas story

Purple Sun: FleuroStar award winner 2018/19

Like the summer sun setting over the ocean, such is the colour play of our Osteospermum ecklonis.

Purple Wedding® – Forever beautiful!

The variety with incredible flowerage.

Early Love® – Where love grows!

The variety with large, double flowers on short stems.

Autumn Friends

Let late summer and autumn shine with our beautiful Autumn Friends concept which includes hardy and weather-resistant carnations coupled with traditional autumn plants.

Peach Party® – An ocean of peachy flowers.

The variety with the unique play of colours.

Nature Garden

Insect-friendly plants are high in demand!

Pelargonium Tumbao®

Moonlight® Tumbao® presents hot red on a dark background.


Calibrachoa PinkTastic® – the brilliant summer performer with cheeky 3D flowers, for more pink-coloured blooming fun in your garden.

Pink Kisses®

Irresistible is our garden carnation Pink Kisses®.


NightSky, the petunia with the unique pattern is the new star on the petunia horizon.


Trixi® - three varieties in only one young plant!