Christmas Mouse® – a slightly different Poinsettia

Classic colour, new shape – framed in a cute Christmas story

Who is peeping around the corner? It’s the Christmas Mouse!  She delights with her cute appearance and her big ears. Just like the Poinsettia novelty 2019: round instead of pointed leaves – no usual red Poinsettia but something very special for young and old. The robust variety with round bracts instead of pointed ones also convinced the expert jury of the novelty award of the IPM 2019 in the category flowering indoor plant. “A new shape, a new product, a new impetus for a bestseller of the German pot plants.” was the conclusion of the judges. The unusual soft-looking shape of its leaves reminds of the ears of a mouse. Inspired by the Christmas poem “The Christmas Mouse” by German storyteller James Krüss, the variety name and a suitable marketing concept in a comic design came about, which should also intrigue the youngest target group. We support our customers and retail with suitable advertising material.