Our pot carnation novelty for the 2020/21 season: Dianthus I♥U. This new variety features double flowers with delicate, wavy edges that change their appearance and colour during growth from pink, to a lighter pink and finally to white. This variety also has compact growth and a rounded appearance.

Not only the appearance of the variety, but also the name in combination with the concept surprises and inspires: I♥U – the abbreviation for the universal love message "I love you" initially suggests a lovely romantic context. The brand-new design around I♥U, on the other hand, amazes and exceeds all expectationsBright and bold graffiti style of an exploding blossom and cool lettering in front of an exciting background – a message in urban lifestyle – absolutely hip, young and the embodiment of a modern proof of love. In this way we achieve a total contrast between image and text and thus something completely unexpected, fresh and new.

As for previous highlight varieties, the marketing concept around I♥U will be implemented on material for advertising at the point of sale – from printed pots and labels to posters and banners.

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