The interspecific Pelargoniums of our popular Marcada® series are true continuous flowering plants and show all budding stages on the plant. All six varieties are guaranteed early flowering and self-cleaning. They have a round, harmonious habit and grow both upwards and slightly hanging - ideal for balcony boxes and tubs, as single plants or in combination plantings. The trendy colours with an enormous long-distance effect match all other colours and make Marcada® universal mixing partners. They are very weather-resistant, suitable for the far north as well as the hot south and appeal to a wide audience. Due to their rapid cultivation as well as the homogeneity within the series, Marcada® offer many advantages in production. The series now comprises six varieties: Marcada® Dark Red in strong red, Marcada® Magenta in bright magenta and Marcada® Pink in refreshing pink. The series has been supplemented by three strong additional colours: Marcada® Orange, Marcada® White and Marcada® Pink Purple.

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