Verbena Mr. LavaLava

When seen for the first time, some varieties immediately call an image to mind. A fiery red verbena, creeping and spreading, recalls the breathtaking spectacle of orange-red lava slowly oozing along the ground.
So how can this image be combined with the theme of music, which is integral to our existing verbena ranges? The result is Mr. LavaLava – a charming guy with a retro microphone, swaying amid a sea of orange-red flowers and winning the hearts of all who see him. Charismatic and downright cool!
Mr. LavaLava is a one-of-a-kind variety with extraordinarily vibrant orange-red flowers that never fail to draw attention. It is an early-blooming, wide-branching flower. Growing flat and creeping, it's ideal for covering wide areas and for ground cover. It also looks beautiful in hanging baskets. It can be combined in many ways and always stands out thanks to its unique colour and striking effect.
Consumers will enjoy a continuous bloom, even in the summer. This is a true standout, and the attractive marketing concept will have buyers lining up!