Stuttgart, 2021-01-20

Bedding + pot plants highlights 2021

Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet you this year as usual at the IPM in Essen at the end of January. We would have loved to welcome you again at our stand in hall 2, to exchange ideas with you and to present our trade fair highlights and our assortment to you! Here we present our bedding and pot plant highlights 2021 that would have been on show at IPM:
Verbena series Drums

A promising new Verbena series and the first very early flowering and very compact series on the market. It not only covers all the main colours, but also produces additional bicoloured types. Especially Drums Purple Red is a real highlight. All varieties have excelled in a high uniformity with the growers. They show a very compact appearance, can be produced completely without PGR and are very insensitive to powdery mildew.

One of our most important goals in recent years in the selection of new Trixi® combinations has been reducing PGR use avoiding a pinch in order to create compact and beautiful mixtures. The seven new Drums Verbenas are ideal for this: the different colours combined as for example in the new Trixi® variety compact Berry or together with compact Petunias and Calibrachoa as for example in the new Trixi® variety compact Red Joy. Good mood is pre-programmed with the new Trixi® Mix Happy: Bidens Eldoro® Compact Yellow '20 with the two new compact Drums Verbena varieties Blue and Red.
Petunia Circus Sky

Clear the ring for the spectacular new Petunia Circus Sky. With its enchanting and appealing appearance and matching POS material, such as printed pots and labels, it takes everyone into the fascinating world of the circus. This sensational novelty combines the starry sky pattern with the commercially most important Petunia colour. A delicate, dreamy appearance and yet expressive and with clear recognition value: the fine white flower edge emphasises the special, slightly wavy flower shape and frames the beautiful pink-purple of the flower. Cheeky white speckles give it that certain something. The fading of the violet into the deep dark centre of the flower makes the flowers real eye-catchers. Circus Sky is already a top seller for the coming season! The production method of this variety fits perfectly into the Famous assortment. It thus offers the best conditions for easy, uncut production for early flowering. Cool temperatures in the morning hours, as in cool-morning production, promote the attractive colour contrast. The variety is particularly effective in standard pots or hanging baskets.
SKYfamily Petunias

Each flower a little universe - Under the SKYfamily concept, we bring together the entire range of our Petunias with star patterns. The story of the legendary Petunias started with NightSky®. In the meantime, we have launched more impressive Petunia varieties with a unique flower pattern: the noble Royal Sky with a bright purple flower pattern. Other varieties are Lavender Sky and Lightning Sky®. Glacier Sky with its long, overhanging growth at the consumer completes the AlpeTunia® assortment. And a nice colour addition to the Bonnie family is the dark Mystery Sky with fine light spots. Whether untrimmed for early flowering in standard pot sizes, from T10.5 to T13 cm, single-coloured or in combined colours in container or hanging baskets, the SKY Petunias always cut a good figure and ensure maximum attention at the POS. Cool night temperatures can be used to promote the contrast and colour intensity of all SKY varieties, making the starry sky shine. In the form of printed pots, labels, promotional posters and banners, the varieties can be grouped together and presented uniformly at the POS.
Dianthus I♥U

I❤U has double flowers with slightly wavy edges. Its flowers celebrate an extraordinary and unique play of colours as they develop. They change their appearance and change their colours from pink to pink to white. The variety has a compact growth and shows a round appearance. It is particularly suitable for pot sizes 10.5-12.  For larger pots and bowls, we recommend using several young plants. I❤U can be cultivated throughout the year. The play of colours is most intense in spring flowering. I❤U can be cultivated without growth regulators. A good nutrient supply 0.1-0.2% should be given from the third week of cultivation. Watering should be even and waterlogging should be prevented. Thanks to the cultivation characteristics, the variety can be cultivated very well with our Oscar® series.
The modern design around I❤U in graffiti style of an exploding flower and cool lettering against an exciting background on the matching marketing material is sure to delight consumers.
Pelargonium series Smokey Eye®

Among our interspecific zonal Pelargoniums, the modern, commercial Smokey Eye® series plays a major role. Many large, brilliant flowers stand for this green-leaved series, as well as a wide range of use. Smokey Eye® are, as the name suggests, Pelargonium varieties with a particularly strong eye, which impress with their individual appearance. They show a very good weather resistance and a very sustainable growth at the consumer throughout the summer until late into the autumn. The current trio is rounded off by the new variety Smokey Eye® Rose. It has a graceful rose-coloured flower with an eye. It branches very well and is self-cleaning. Smokey Eye® White and Smokey Eye® Pink '20 go very well together in terms of colour and make a very harmonious combination.
Lobelia Curacao® Blue Bay

The new Lobelia variety Curaçao® Blue Bay makes you dream of lonely and tranquil bays with its unique colour combination. It convinces with its unique maritime blue-white colouring, early flowering and excellent summer characteristics. The variety fits very well into the Curacao® compact series. In the early season, the varieties can all harmonise with each other, so you can produce a whole range of compact Lobelia.
Lobelia Compact Dark Blue '21

The new variety is about five days earlier in flower than the Compact Dark Blue variety. It is a perfect partner to Curacao® Blue Bay.
Our Curacao® Lobelias have become synonymous with reliable modern lobelia worldwide. Different growth forms for every use, early flowering and excellent summer characteristics stand for this series.
Interspecific Trixi® novelties

Trixi® Summer Sky: Eye-catching Petunia Electric Purple Sky in beautiful combination with Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno Yellow and the Verbena Lascar® Dark Violet '15.
Trixi® Winner with Petunia Bonnie Velvet `20, Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Uno Yellow and Verbena Lascar® Dark Red

New in our assortment: Kalanchoe for the terrace and the garden. Trade and consumers are showing more and more interest in using Kalanchoe for outdoor. The advantages of Kalanchoe are that they are colourful, easy to care for, need little water and have a very long shelf life and are weather-resistant - and thus have the ideal characteristics that the trade and consumers expect from plants today.
The very good shelf life during transport, the very wide sales window from April to the end of September and the combinability with other spring flowering plants, B&B plants and Autumn Friends articles are further advantages of Kalanchoe.
We are the only supplier of rooted Kalanchoe young plants and with the variety Thalia we have the test winner 2020 for the terrace and the garden in our assortment.
Of course, our Poinsettia assortment should not be missing. You can find it here. You can get a complete overview of our entire assortment in our Virtual Tour. We present our varieties in the form of short videos and 360-degree shots.

We hope to meet you in person again soon and wish you a good time until then! Stay healthy!