Stuttgart, 2021-06-30

Change of shareholder structure

After 22 years of joint ownership and management in the third generation together with his twin brother Per Klemm, Nils Klemm has decided to end his role as managing director and shareholder of the company in order to seek a new centre of life for himself and his family and to start a new phase in his life.

This very personal decision comes after careful consideration and full recovery from an insidious illness that has required several operations and hospital stays over the past two years.

Our company motto "we love to grow" is interpreted in a very personal way here.

As the sole shareholder of the Selecta one Group, Per Klemm will drive the further development of the company together with the Selecta one team.

The two brothers have decided on this path together and with each other. This lays the foundation for further positive development of the family-owned company Selecta one.