Stuttgart, 2021-01-18

Corporate social responsibility - Selecta takes it seriously

“The healthy development of children is crucial to the future wellbeing of any society. Children who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. Now imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep when the base of your bed is falling apart or even worse the sharp wires in certain areas of the bed can easily injure you. This was the state we found the beds in the orphanage of BBSI-Trust in Juja, near Nairobi (Kenya) when we paid them a visit and immediately knew, we need to help!

Selecta Kenya has a very competent technical team and we immediately dispatched them to fix all the beds and paint them. Now we all know that beyond a good base for a bed it is important to have a good mattress to go with it. Selecta went ahead to ensure that the children all got good new mattresses. 

The ‘mother’ of the orphans also requested that we assist the children in getting new clothes. Being teenagers, they were going through a growth spurt and did not always have nice clothes to go out in. Rather than buying and bringing the clothes to the children we opted to make it a day out for them. We organized for them to be taken with the company bus to the nearest big town for a day out of shopping and fun. This was a very special day for the children. We gave each child a budget and let them know they were free to pick up whatever they wanted. After shopping when they got back to the bus, they found we had already ordered lunch for them and they all had a scrumptious meal of fried chicken, chips, and sodas.   

We have plans to continue helping the children more and we hope to sort out their lack of water permanently by connecting a pipe from the farm. At the moment they have a number of small issues that we can resolve under the company CSR budget, but if we are ever to really make a lasting difference to these children we need to look at the option of having an education fund. Guaranteeing an education for these children will ensure that they do not get lost along the way and have something substantial to really look and work towards beyond a good day of shopping.”  

We are happy to share this story of our General Manager of Selecta Kenya, Virginia Gitonga.