Stuttgart, 2020-12-18

Donation to the German Children's Fund

We belong to an industry where Corona-related restrictions did not lead to a crisis. On the contrary, we were allowed to continue offering and selling our products. People are increasingly staying at home and buying plants to make themselves beautiful within their own four walls. You could say we have been lucky. And this also obliges us to help those who have been less fortunate!

We have therefore donated over € 20,000 to the German Children‘s Charity. This children‘s fund has promptly supported families who faced financial difficulties due to the crisis. At least 180 Covid-19 Emergency Aid Packages were and are financed with this money, especially to support ‘digital learning’, ‘tutoring’ and ‘nutrition’. In addition, children accommodated in refugee shelters were given the opportunity to take part in home schooling, where computers, printers, paper and writing utensils were made available.

All Selecta one employees have contributed to the fact that we are able to help the children a little.

Let us continue to look after each other - especially those who are not always able to do so.

⭐The entire Selecta one team wishes you a Merry Christmas! ❤️ ⭐