Stuttgart, 2015-11-24

Edible aromatics young plants by Silze

We have a major change within our perennials programme. As of now our aromatics assortment is available as young plants that are suitable to produce edible products. All young plants are produced by our partner Silze Jungpflanzen on areas that meet statutory specifications of vegetables cultivation. The family business Silze was established in 1899 and is based in Weener, Papenburg area (North Germany). With Co. Silze we have a partner who has many years of experience in producing fresh aromatics. Overall 80 m aromatics are produced in the area Papenburg with a share of 15% (12 m) of vegetative-propagated aromatics. 
The sales season of finished aromatics has two peaks: between week 15 and 22 and week 48 and 1. Accordingly there are two peak periods in the production of young plants. Some Rosmarinus plants are sticked between week 43 and 45 for finished plants in week 15. Mint is sticked in week 2 for finished plants in week 15. 

There are strict requirements for the production of edible aromatics young plants: 

  • At least 10 shoots. One to two cuttings are used depending on the species in order to achieve this. 

  • Limit on 3 active ingredients with a maximum level of 30%. 

You can be sure to fulfil these requirements with young plants of the Selecta aromatics assortment. In our assortment you can find an overview of available varieties.