Stuttgart, 2021-01-18

Fairtrade Poinsettias

We have been offering our customers Fairtrade Poinsettias since 2016. The certification process of the farm in Uganda as a Fairtrade farm was successfully completed in May 2016, and was recertified in 2018. Due to the already existing successful MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certifications, we had already fulfilled a large part of the Fairtrade standards in advance.

We take our responsibility for people and the environment very seriously. People are our most important resource, no matter where in the world our company is operating. Selecta can only function if everyone works together. Besides paying fair wages, we have initiated many socially effective programs and activities.
Wagagai Ltd., the production site for our poinsettias in Uganda, offers its workers and their families projects such as sports events, kids’ days and summer festivals, which provide a lot of fun, a change from work and a sense of community – all captured in pictures by the talented photographer Andrew Kartende.

Since 2017, we have taken another decisive step forward. The showcase project “Wagagai Cent Project” is a good start to achieving living wages for workers in Uganda. More than 1,000 employees and their families benefit from this. We hope that this project inspires other companies to also get involved.