Stuttgart, 2020-02-10

IPM 2020: sensational breedings and innovative concepts for the POS from Selecta one

At the world's leading horticultural trade fair IPM Essen from 28th to 31st January 2020, Selecta one confirmed its competency in breeding, as well as its sense for attractive marketing concepts at the POS. On clear theme walls and islands, the highlight varieties were presented. The international Selecta team provided advice and support for the fair visitors.
With the main order season for Poinsettias coming up, Selecta one rolled out the red carpet for its new Poinsettia Superstar: SkyStar®. The new variety from Welzel Gartenbau is exclusively available in the Selecta assortment. The colouration of the red bracts with white spots has never existed before. After last year’s success of the new, recently with the Glazen Tulp awarded Poinsettia variety Christmas Mouse®, Selecta one continues its series of sensational Poinsettia breedings. As Selecta one is known, SkyStar® comes with a suitable marketing concept, which was demonstrated at the IPM booth: on podiums, with sparkling tinsel, red carpet and in the light of the spotlights with suitable pot leaves, printed pots and perfect scenery, a stage was provided at the IPM for the first major performance of the new Superstar. The colour spectrum and the outstanding characteristics of the large Selecta Poinsettia assortment were displayed on the usual podium.
Also, Selecta one presented its sky-like Petunias, the new SKYfamily with its well-known and new family members, such as the fine LavenderSky and the impressing GlacierSky. Strongly presented and placed under the slogan “one in Dianthus” a large range of colours of Selecta carnations could be seen. Main focus was on the green breeding name “Kiwi” in cut flowers and the great, well-proven and modern assortment meeting all demands in the pot plants sector. Among them single highlights like the new variety Scully® with its unique flower shape and radiance, the trend concept DiaDeur® around the especially scented varieties Sophie, Sissy and Marie, and of course, the most successful pot carnations ever: Pink Kisses®, with the marketing concept and communication strategy reaching end consumers beyond Germany’s borders for the first time this year. Fascinating, colourful bedding and balcony varieties like the new Calibrachoa Rave® Pink Hawaii and the extended Pelargonium interspecific line Marcada® were the eye catcher as well as the multi-coloured and diverse Autumn Friends concept with late-summer recommendations of mixed pots.
The main sales product of Selecta, young plants, were presented at the booth, too. Selecta one continues working on the innovative product ROCS – 34 in substrate rooted cuttings in a Multi Media strip by Visser for fully automatic processing in a Visser AutoStix® machine. Customers can already order and test these. The further developed step with 26 cuttings in a bigger plug and the new designed shipping tray were displayed for a closer look.
The 38th edition of the annually exhibition International Plant Fair IPM ESSEN welcomed 1.538 exhibitors of 46 countries within 4 days.

Press release: IPM 2020: sensational breedings and innovative concepts for the POS from Selecta one (PDF)