Stuttgart, 2017-11-29

Magic Stars 2017

November is usually the month when our Magic Stars events take place. In 2017 there were two Poinsettia presentations in the Netherlands and in Denmark.

Magic Stars Holland 2017:

For the seventh time already Selecta Holland organized a Poinsettia tour on 3rd November 2017, this time in Ens in Holland. The event had international flair because not only Dutch producers but also interested producers from Germany, Norway and Greece participated on the tour. About 120 participants visited the three companies Stadsweiden, Baas and Wouters.

The first visited company De Stadsweiden had built a 2,5 hectares large greenhouse with the latest horticultural techniques at the beginning of 2017. The visitors could visit it and the architect who managed the construction project was there to inform about the project and to answers questions about the building and the used technique. Furthermore, it was possible to take a look at the production of Selecta Poinsettias in different pot sizes.

The participants were brought to the company Baars by bus. Besides an inspection of the production the company Prins Group who had provided the glass for the greenhouse gave a presentation.The visitors could let themselves informed about a new woodburner and a biogas plant and got a lot more information.

Finally, the company Wouters was visited. The visitors had also the opportunity to take a look at the greenhouses and its technologies. A film informed about the construction of a woodburner. In addition, a Selecta Poinsettia variety show was presented at Wouters where the visitors could take a look at the proven as well as the new varieties.

Many participants took advantage of the opportunity to exchange their experiences and to discuss about production methods.

Magic Stars Denmark 2017:

As always, the Dutch version of our Magic Stars series took place in the greenhouses of our partner FloriPartner in Odense. On 14th and 15th November 2017 customers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark were invited to take a look at the Poinsettia assortment show. The current Selecta assortment as well as experimental breeds in pot sizes of T 13 pinched, T 10.5 pinched and single nose, T 6 single nose, were shown.

The plant quality was very good and all varieties could show their characteristics and their advantages. Apart from a focus on the new red tested varieties and inhibitor strategies, attention was especially paid to the Christmas Feelings® family and the stability of their roots.

With the slogan „simply the best“ the advantages regarding the transport and the shelf life of the Christmas Feelings® varieties were highlighted.

The event provided a very good platform for the exchange of information and opinion making for all participants.

The most beautiful impressions of the event are available in our picture gallery.

We would like to thank all those involved for the good cooperation!