Stuttgart, 2020-03-19

New Dianthus catalogue 2020

The beginning of spring means it is pot carnation time. One of your first plannings of the year is the order of young plants of this crop. We deliver some of the varieties almost the whole year through. For this and for our wide-ranging assortment and our competency in the area of carnation is what our name stands for. This is where the roots of our family company can be found, as Selecta’s history began with the production of cut flowers, and carnations in particular. Read more on page 2 in our new Dianthus catalogue 2020.
In our catalogue you will find our strong, proven series like Oscar®, SuperTrouper® and Colores®, as well as our highlights of the last years: Peach Party®, Early Love® and Purple Wedding® (page 7).
Indispensable: Pink Kisses® – the well-known pink mini carnation comes with a strong marketing campaign again this year (page 4+5). Also, the new cosmic beauty Scully® (page 7) and the series of scented carnations DiaDeur® (page 16+17) bring a breath of fresh air to the market. As Selecta is known, there are suitable marketing materials available for the appropriate promotion.
Of course, there will be an exciting novelty or two waiting for you: Oscar® Purple in strong purple, another nostalgic fragrant variety DiaDeur® Mathilde, the conspicuous and diverse new variety Capitán Calizo and in the Perennials series Diantica® two new colour additions: Violet Blue and Soft Cream.
The name of our new highlight DCP pink/white 212 (page 6) will remain a secret – here you can certainly look forward to a surprising concept! The variety has great potential: compact growth, double flowers with delicate, wavy edges and a unique play of colours – fresh, modern and totally unique.
We strongly recommend our Carmen and SuperTrouper® varieties as colour bringing components for our mixed Autumn Friends pots. In combination with e.g. colourful Heuchera, insect-friendly Echinacea, grasses in different heights and ground cover endless many possibilities for wonderful combinations are opened up (page 30-33).
Here you can find the new catalogue. Have fun looking through our catalogue!
If you have any questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact your sales agents.