Stuttgart, 2021-12-09

New HOME Poinsettia & Kalanchoe catalogue 2022

Now we are spending more time indoors and at home again. Winter is the time for indoor plants. Poinsettias and Kalanchoe are very suitable for this and bring good mood and beautiful ambience into the rooms.

Here you can find our new HOME Poinsettia & Kalanchoe catalogue 2022.
With our Competence in Red and other modern and unusual varieties, we offer a whole range of distinctive Poinsettias.
Based on our experience and the confirmation of many customers, our variety Christmas Universe is particularly convincing: intense dark red colour, good foliage quality and excellent in production, as space-saving, very easy to pack and with very good shelf life. Christmas Universe is universally applicable and suitable for all market segments, different climatic zones and - from high trunk to pot size 6 - for all pot sizes.
Ice Princess®, our new pure white Poinsettia and stand-alone variety, grows compact and has good branching. It has a medium-early reaction time. Its independent marketing concept creates high attention and recognition value.
Christmas Surprise is a variety in unusually bright orange. It has a medium-early reaction time, medium vigour, large bracts and is suitable for all pot sizes. From high trunk to pot size 6, everything is possible.
Our Kalanchoe range includes single and double flowering varieties. The Kaleida® series is characterised by beautiful large flowers, bright colours, a rich, long-lasting flowering habit and strong branching. The single flowering series comes into flower at the same time and has a short reaction time.
If you have any questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact your sales agents. We are looking forward to successfully working with you and wish you a merry Christmas!