Stuttgart, 2021-10-15

New Perennials + Chrysanthemum catalogue 2021/2022

Together we make autumn even more colourful! Our autumn assortment gives every garden, terrace or balcony that special look. A golden autumn becomes even more beautiful and even on grey days our varieties and mixtures set joyful and pleasant colour accents.
It's all in the mix! Our Autumn Friends represent an endless variety of possibilities. Everything is possible: production of single pots for mixed trays, whole layers or whole containers; production of duos and production of smaller trays or pots. With long-lasting and late blooms, the tested varieties guarantee an attractive and colourful appearance until November. More information from page 2 on.
For the duo production we recommend combinations of single young plants with pot carnations and Muehlenbeckia, Helichrysum, Sedum and Ajuga. We are now including five new Twinnis® in the program. These are available as rooted young plants with two cuttings per variety. These include Helichrysum combined with Muehlenbeckia, Helichrysum combined with Sedum and Ajuga combined with Helichrysum (page 6).
Leontopodium Vroni and our Gentiana varieties of the Luis series bring Alpine feeling for the home (page 11).  In addition, we especially recommend our Echinacea variety PickUp Pink with compact growth, which is also suitable for pot size 12 (page 29). We proudly present our grass novelties: Berni Green and Feather Falls® - two novelties that should not be missing in Autumn Friends programs. A hardy red grass that will delight any grass fan is Blood Brothers®.
Discover also our assortment of fragrant lavender and edible herbs. Our assortment of Chrysanthemums offers bright colours. Brand new in our assortment are the hardy Helleborus varieties of the Wintry Wonders series with uniform growth and a wide range of colours. Convince yourself!

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