Stuttgart, 2018-06-18

New Trixi® catalogue 2018/19

We are happy to present you our new Trixi® catalogue 2018/2019.
Trixi® – this means three varieties in only one young plant! The result is a high-quality and colourful product in a perfect
colour mixture – right from the beginning! All combinations are ideal for pot production.
Trixi® means easy going for everyone! Our tried-and-tested plug mixes can be cultivated quickly and successfully by producers, provide retailers with high turnover through strong-selling advertising and ensure consumers are satisfied with vibrant balconies and terraces.
In our catalogue we present you our Calribrachoa Trixi® “early & compact” with Calibrachoa of the series Uno, which we selected using the criteria of early blooming, uniformity/regularity, and compact and easy to manage growth. These are the perfect way to start the season in mid-April and perfect for the pot sizes T10-T12. Furthermore, you will find our „best for basket“ mixes – early-flowering, homogeneous mixes ideal for hanging baskets and large containers. Our „double classics“ mixes consist of double-blooming Calibrachoa which are early-flowering and homogeneous and immediately catch the eye with attractive combinations of colour.
Our Verbena Trixi® are a great addition to single-type mixes and consumers find that these work particularly well in sunny spots. Moreover, we offer you the most successful Lobelia Trixi® on the market which are particularly suitable for consumers’ shady spots. Our Portulaca mix is easy to produce and particularly popular with consumers.
Our Interspecific Trixi® are mixes of different species in one Trixi® plug. Our mixes always work and prove highly attractive at the point of sale. Here we want to highlight our new varieties Lovely Summer in a dreamy summer-look and Amarena Cream with strong colours for a hot summer on the terrace or on the balcony.
Have fun selecting your suitable varieties!
If you have any questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact your sales agents.
We are looking forward to successfully working with you.