Stuttgart, 2016-02-26

New from Selecta: Fairtrade poinsettia cuttings

Fairtrade is the world's most important sustainable social certification system. 80% of the German consumers now know the fairtrade label. The market share of fairtrade roses in Germany is already 25%. The consumers’ demand for sustainably produced products is growing steadily. In addition to social standards, the fair trade system also qualifies farms with a controlled water management, reduced pesticide use and use of at least 20% peat substitutes. Our poinsettia farm in Uganda meets these requirements and will be officially audited for this in March 2016. The farm employees benefit immediately and directly from the higher license. A joint project, about which the employees decide on their own is going to be benefitted with 1 €cent of each cutting sold.
Advantages for retailers are in the transparency of the supply chain as fairtrade products can always be traced back to the origin.
Fairtrade has been setting standards for years for employees of flower farms. In November 2014, these standards have been enhanced to include the entire cuttings and young plants production in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Fairtrade young plants are harvested by certified mother plants farms according to the fairtrade flowers and plants standards. In Europe they are cultivated exclusively by certified growers until they reach the retail.
Of course we still deliver the quality young plants with our ‘Clean Plant Guarantee‘.