Stuttgart, 2021-06-30

New marketing magazine ONE Magazine

Our new marketing magazine “ONE Magazine” is out!

It presents current marketing concepts, highlights and success stories and shows trends and backgrounds. The new and improved Trixi® varieties are also presented in it. The new medium is freely accessible to everyone at the links:





What is it about the new concept of Verbena Mr. LavaLava® submitted for the FleuroStar Award? What exciting new varieties are there in the SKYfamily Petunias? And what concepts and trial results are there with regard to drought-tolerant and insect-friendly varieties? On 28 pages of the new ONE Magazine, these and many other exciting questions and trend topics are answered. The new magazine offers you a mixture of current marketing topics, breeding news and service.

We have opted for a digital-only version. This offers us the possibility to regularly update and expand the magazine, to publish it on the website and to communicate and share it online via our social media channels. This way we stay sustainable and our customers stay informed on all channels at the same time. Our ONE Magazine also offers multimedia options: by scanning the QR codes or clicking on the links, readers can access informative online material.

Have fun clicking through and reading! We are looking forward to your feedback.