Stuttgart, 2019-02-23

New young plant technology

Based on positive experience with numerous commercial deliveries of unrooted cuttings and bare-rooted, substrate-free products in the AutoStix-strip of Visser Horti Systems to customers in North America, we now go one step ahead with an innovative development for the European market. Our cuttings are sticked and rooted in a mulitmedia strip in the South.

On our cutting farm in Kenya, the young plants are sticked in the 34 plugs of a multimedia strip of Visser Horti Systems. The cuttings root within the filled plugs, and every kind of rooting medium can be used. In the current trial series made in cooperation with Visser Horti Systems, a special substrate was used  – a peat plug with binding agents and small hole for the cuttings. The young plants are growing under warm and summerly conditions thus being powered with carbonhydrates. After delivery to the European customers, the plants can directly be potted fully automatic. The strips are made of biologically degradable granulate, mainly consisting of  polyactic acid and regenerative resources such as e.g. potato flour.

We will distribute this innovation under the product name „ROCS“ with own logo. The name is derived from the term ‚Rooted Cutting System‘. ROCS is a rooted cutting in a substrate in a strip, and processing can be completely automated.

We will present this innovation on the IPM in Essen from 22 to 25 January 2019 on stand 2D21 in hall 2.

„ROCS is a forward-looking technology in young plant production and processing. ROCS will change the green industry and offers significant advantages for the whole supply chain from the breeder and producer of young plants to our customers in view of flexibility, effective workload and plant quality. Our know-how in young plant production and Visser‘s latest technologies in production machines combine two decisive success factors“, so Stefan Reiner, head of product development at Selecta one.