Stuttgart, 2021-02-02

Our Pelargoniums convince in Proficiency Test 2020

In the Pelargonium Proficiency Test carried out in summer 2020 at the German educational and research institutes in Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Dresden-Pillnitz and Bad Zwischenahn, our interspecific Pelargoniums convinced with their overall impression in production with earliness and rich flowering as well as our Zonal varieties as group winner in the colour categories strong pink/pink and red in the field.

Here we summarise the test results of our varieties for you:

Results of cultivation 2020 for interspecific Pelargoniums:

In the tests of interspecific Pelargoniums, earliness and the overall impression were particularly important for the evaluation.


Marcada®: Best overall impression

Best overall impression for Marcada® White and Marcada® Orange. Marcada® White and Marcada® Orange were the earliest white and orange interspecific varieties on average of all locations (flowering almost 8 weeks after potting) and they both achieved the best overall impression. Marcada® White performed better than the competing varieties in the overall impression with an average value of 6.7 (average average value 6.2). "The variety is characterised by a uniform stand, a more broad habit and numerous inflorescences. Its white flowers with a slightly pale pink pattern were striking. Marcada® White is also slightly more flowering. Marcada® Orange gave an overall impression of 7.0 compared to the group average of 6.7*.

In Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Marcada® Pink Purple convinced with an enormously high number of inflorescences. It had an average of 13 inflorescences, compared to the average of the group with 6 inflorescences.

Marcada® Orange                                 Marcada® White                                   Marcada® Pink Purple


Smokey Eye®: Smokey Eye® Rose as winner of the colour groups

In the colour group white to pink with a contrasting eye, our varieties Smokey Eye® Pink '20 and Smokey Eye® Rose convinced with their earliness. They needed 8 weeks to flower, the average of this group was 8.9 weeks. Smokey Eye® Rose (as well as another competition variety) received the best rating for the group for its compact and round structure. The overall impression was rated 7.3 compared to the group average of 6.9.

Smokey Eye® Pink '20                           Smokey Eye® Rose                             


Benita: Best overall impression

Best rating for the overall impression of the colour group dark red: Benita convinces with a beautiful contrast between foliage and flowering. Benita (as well as another competing variety) was given the highest overall impression of 7.7, compared to the average of 7.0.



Results of the 2019 field trial on Zonal varieties with a flower pattern:​

Smokey Eye
®: Above average performance

The overall impression of Smokey Eye® White and Smokey Eye® Pink ’20 was above the group average. Smokey Eye® White achieved an overall impression of 7.6 compared to the group average of 7.4. Smokey Eye® Pink '20 achieved an overall impression of 7.6 compared to the group average of 7.4.

Smokey Eye® White                              Smokey Eye® Pink '20 


Sunrise®/Moonlight®: Varieties with the best overall impression

All Pelargoniums in the strong pink/pink colour group have been convincing with high flowering performance throughout the summer. First and foremost our variety Sunrise® Katinka '13 with an overall average of 7.7 (group average 7.4) - its flowers were striking for their strong colour with a contrasting eye. The varieties Moonlight® Vio (PZ DCB dark purple, white eye) (mean value 6.7), Sunrise® Katinka '13 (mean value 7.7) and Sunrise® Lola (mean value 7.5) all scored above average in the overall impression compared to the colour group mean (mean value 7.4).

Sunrise® Katinka '13                             Moonlight® Vio                                     Sunrise® Lola

The colour group red was led by the variety Moonlight® Vineta. This variety won the group with an overall impression average of 7.6, while the group average was 7.3." Vineta scored with a beautiful contrast between the dark foliage and the flower with a light eye.

 Moonlight® Vineta

Scores were given on a scale of 1-9 (1=weakest characteristic, 9=strongest characteristic)

Source: Gärtnerbörse issue of 24.10.2020 (No. 10-11)