Stuttgart, 2017-04-27

Petunia BabyDoll®

Our new variety BabyDoll® is another Petunia sensation with a unique colour pattern. The flowers in pink with white spots are rich in contrast and convince from near and far. New breeding methods led to this unique colour pattern.

BabyDoll® plants love a sunny location and are ideal for patios, balconies or gardens. The uniqueness of the variety is also revealed in the high weather resistance and semi-trailing growth habit in combination with a stable colour pattern and a great shelf life. BabyDoll® is the variety for all those who want something special.

Usage and combinations:
BabyDoll® is well-suited for baskets, either single-coloured or in nice colour combinations with Lobelia, Sanvitalia, Ipomoea, Pelargonium peltatum and many other unicoloured varieties that intensify the contrast of BabyDoll®. Mixed window boxes with BabyDoll® are real eye-catchers. And also as a stand-alone variety BabyDoll® will turn all heads.

For the consumer BabyDoll® is easy to handle and has no higher demands than any other Petunia. BabyDoll® can flower until the autumn with regular fertilization and a needs-oriented water supply. The variety has a high mildew tolerance and is self-cleaning.

BabyDoll® printed pots and labels are available.