Stuttgart, 2018-03-23

Pink Kisses® – Attractive POS solutions and successful communication

In 2017, we took a new approach with our sales strategy. We directly targeted end consumers for the first time, with our nationwide "Pink Kisses® as beautiful as our friendship" campaign. The key message was spread by selected media cooperations, events and social media to reach the target group of young women aged between 18 and 35.

… and the Pink Kisses® journey continues!

Following our successful launch in 2017, with over 30 million contacts we are maintaining our current communication strategy. In 2018 the campaign is also extended by ready-made POS solutions adapted to our fresh campaign look.

Benefit from a strong campaign and create a perfect setting for this irresistible mini-carnation Pink Kisses® with our

POS-display with Pink Kisses® in water storage coverpots

The advantages for you:

- easy to handle and transportable
eye-catching design
- addressing a new, young target group
- easy care at the point of sale and for the consumer due to water storage coverpots
- attractive presentation of the trendy Pink Kisses® as gift item
- sales margin can be extended by a higher value of the plant
- sales increase of Pink Kisses®

Technical information regarding the POS display:

5 trays (stackable) incl. top plate and center bars
measure w/d/h: approx. 800 x 600 x 1.700 mm (incl. top plate)
display on half pallet: 800 x 600 mm (base)
weight: ca. 75 kg (=165 pounds)/apiece (display fitted with plants, without half pallet)
filling quanity: 150 plants/apiece in 10,5-water storage coverpots
placement proposal: checkout area or other high-frequency areas

Order now your complete package:

Pink Kisses® display (on a  half chep-palette), filled with 150 Pink Kisses® (p10,5) in water storage coverpots
contact for ordering:
Gartenbau Christian Filla, Kortweg 9, D-47638 Straelen
owner: Christian Filla
phone: +49 2834 708581
Pink Kisses® promotion material:

A2 posters, friendsticks, labels, imprinted pots, promotion system (wall, roll-up banner)

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