Stuttgart, 2017-01-20

Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship

Selecta one is going one decisive step further marketing its successful pot carnation Pink Kisses®: Starting April 2017 the carnation breeding specialist is launching a communication campaign directly aimed at the end-consumer. Using the sales potential of the low-maintenance mini carnation with its extraordinary colouring to its optimum, the campaign is directed at young women's affinity to the colour pink and placing importance on the emotional subject of friendship. The focus of this campaign with the slogan “Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship” is a social media photo competition, communicated and supported through target group orientated media partners, blogs and influencers.

Since its introduction to the market in 2013 the carnation brand Pink Kisses® developed into a real sale hit. This exquisite pot carnation with its rose pink coloured petals turned out to be a winner on all marketing levels due to its many positive characteristics: an abundance of flowers with an exceptionally long flowering period and exceeding shelf life; furthermore, it is easy to care and robust. During production, the flowers can be induced on schedule, while traders value the excellent transport and storage ability of the attractive mini carnation. Last but not least, its appealing brand name in combination with the eye-catching lip logo attracts attention, increasing the sales figures at the point-of-sale.

To consolidate the Pink Kisses® brand on consumer level, increasing its popularity even further, Selecta one is engaging into direct dialogue with the end-consumer for the first time, launching a nationwide consumer campaign for the 2017 season in Germany.

The aim of this campaign is to create an affinity of the Pink Kisses® brand for the target group of young women aged 18 to 35 with buying power. It seizes on a subject which is very important and emotionally charged for this target group: Friendship. Especially the friendship towards their best friend or their “girls clique” is of a very high significance to young women. The campaign is taking advantage of this, aiming to establish Pink Kisses® as a loving gift among friends: “With Pink Kisses® I want to show my friend, how important she is to me, because friendship kisses are pink!”.

The focus of this campaign commencing April 2017 is a prize game in form of a photo competition, transforming the core message into an experience for the consumer. The competition is also a means to communicate through target group specific media to draw the target group's attention.
Based on the target group's high affinity to social media, the photo competition relies on the most widely used networks Facebook and Instagram to generate a distribution as wide as possible. Friends will be invited through selected print and online media to pose for or with each other for a selfie and share them online, always in the picture: the Pink Kisses® carnation and the Pink Kisses®-”friend-stick“, a little wooden stick with the Pink Kisses®-kiss. The friend-sticks will be available from selected trade partners as a product accessory, not only as a charming eye catcher at the point-of-sale, but also to generate an additional purchase incentive.

The launch of the photo competition will be in cooperation with the online community “” which is one of the largest target group related online portals in Germany with over five million “unique users” per month. Additionally planned are other media co-operations as well as a co-operation with various bloggers and so-called influencers on Instagram.

You can find further information on the Pink Kisses® campaign at

Press Release "Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship" (PDF)