Stuttgart, 2018-02-10

Pink Kisses® campaign 2018

To coincide with the start of the 2018 bedding & balcony plant season, we are instigating the second stage of our consumer campaign to sell our Pink Kisses® mini carnations on the German market. Following our successful launch in 2017, we are expanding our communication activities to include an online shop aimed specifically at our target audience of young women, along with extensive sales support for retailers in presenting the flowers attractively.

Under the slogan, "Pink Kisses® as beautiful as our friendship", we are using a consumer campaign to position our popular variety of pot carnation as a symbol of friendship among young women and as the ideal small gift for best friends. We are therefore directly addressing a younger target audience, in order to establish the use of our mini carnations beyond that of traditional perennial bedding plants.
Following our successful launch in 2017, with over 30 million contacts via target audience-relevant media and events, we are maintaining our current communication strategy and will also be adding an online shop and ready-made POS solutions as part of a redesigned retail campaign in 2018. From spring 2018, a number of exclusive Pink Kisses® gift arrangements will be sold online, thereby ensuring that the mini carnations are more widely available for the young, Internet-savvy target audience. At the same time, sales and counter displays are intended to make it easy to position Pink Kisses® outside perennial and tree departments, thereby helping brick-and-mortar retailers to attractively present these products to a young target audience. Retailers can rent a mobile promotional stand directly from us to assist with their own campaigns. The customisable "friend stick" can also be requested directly from us or Floramedia.
We will present our 2018 campaign at IPM 2018 in Essen (Hall 2, Stand 21), where our team will be happy to provide further information.

In 2017, we took a new approach with our sales strategy. Instead of focussing purely on B2B marketing aimed at gardeners and resellers, we directly targeted end consumers for the first time, with our nationwide "Pink Kisses® as beautiful as our friendship" campaign. By specifically appealing to young women aged between 18 and 35 via social media, prominent influencers, publications in target audience-specific online and printed media and events, we were able to successfully position our mini carnations within the target group as the ideal small gift for best friends.