Stuttgart, 2016-05-30

Pot carnation novelties Colores + Capitán

Carnations are one of the core products of Selecta one. In fact, the history of our carnation breeding goes back to the 60s. Since then Selecta is well-known for market-leading carnation varieties of cut flowers, pot plants or perennials. Recently we launched our first pot carnation catalogue, in which we introduced two new lines named Colores and Capitán. These have been selected based on several criteria by our breeding department and product management.


Colores is a line with seven vigorous varieties in striking colours. The varieties are more vigorous compared to the well-known Oscar® varieties and can be cultivated in big pots to produce high-quality plants and cover the premium segment. The big, colourful flowers cover the whole range of colours in pot carnations.  Colores varieties are suited for cold cultivation as well as for summer cultivation. The seven novelties are Colores Sangre (dark red), Colores Amor (red), Colores Beso (purple), Colores Dulce (pink), Colores Oro (apricot-yellow), Colores Sol (yellow) und Colores Nieve (white).


The new pot carnation line Capitán consists of four vigorously growing varieties that fully develop their strength in big pots and containers. Only one plant develops to a rich flowering plant. The varieties are also ideal to combine with summer perennials. And not only in pots! Consumers have the advantage to use these varieties also as a cut flower in bouquets. The four new varieties are Capitán Marco, Capitán Diaz, Capitán Magellan and Capitán Colón, a candidate for the FleuroStar Award.