Stuttgart, 2019-10-29

Review Magic Stars event

On Tuesday, 12th November and Wednesday, 13th November we offered Poinsettia growers and interested parties informative events about Poinsettias. Both Magic Stars events at Emsflower in Emsbüren/Germany and Floripartner in Denmark were well attended. The participants got insights into the companies and an exclusive presentation of the current Poinsettia assortment and our exciting novelties.

First-hand information: we presented each single variety with its advantages and characteristics and answered all questions. The slightly different Poinsettia Christmas Mouse® with round instead of pointed leaves including a cute cartoon story concept and the worldwide novelty and new superstar of Christmas stars SkyStar® with white dots on red bacts are our highlights.

We recommend Christmas Break with homogeneous growth, the versatile Christmas Universe and Holy Day with excellent rooting system as very strong red varieties. The red Christmas Eve is ideal for sales in November according to Selecta one. Christmas Candle and Happy Mood are the names of the both red new varieties with very thick and strong stems.

We have also stunning white varieties to offer: for example, the new variety Christmas Frosting with especially large bracts.

Still successful and popular are the both series Christmas Feelings® and Christmas Beauty with many different colours. Christmas Feelings® varieties such as Christmas Feelings® Merlot in dark red and Christmas Feelings® Pearl in bright pinkish white promise a strong rooting system and relating thereto a long shelf-life. Christmas Beauty varieties offer the growers easy to control and excellent branching plants and modern colours with fantastic effects for the customers. Christmas Beauty Queen und Christmas Beauty Princess for example are true eyecatchers.

Also, the nice and colourful Princettia® varieties convinced the visitors: from the classic pink to special neon and shining pink, till the pure icy white.

Our team and the one of our partner Floripartner in Denmark took a lot of time to answer all questions and provided the customers with helpful tips. In Denmark many customers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland visited the events and got inspired by the various varieties on Tuesday and Wednesday. In Germany more than 100 guests were welcomed at the sites of Emsflower and learned everything about our Magic Stars, their cultivation and production during the tour through the company.