Stuttgart, 2016-04-26

Selecta Kenya production of pot carnations receives NAKT Elite certification

The Naktuinbouw Elite certificate stands for the compliance of the highest possible security standards of plant hygiene of elite material. Our Solanaceae production at Selecta Canarias received the NAKT Elite certification already in January 2012. At the end of last year, this important certification was also given to our pot carnation production at Selecta Kenya.

The necessary process started already in October 2012 with the elaboration of an approach plan and a quality handbook. In spring 2015 the handbook was submitted to Naktuinbouw for the Document Audit and in June 2015 the Implementation Audit was being conducted at Selecta Kenya. Besides the establishment of the handbook and most important the implementation of the Quality Management System, the entire pot carnation assortment had to be tested by Bio Assay and with Elisa to ensure the inserted material into the Naktuinbouw Elite System to be free from relevant pathogens for which we succeeded.

This certification is another milestone towards sustainable quality. Naktuinbouw Elite certified material is free from relevant pathogens which is being guaranteed by the applied testing protocols in combination with the Quality Management System.