Stuttgart, 2017-05-29

Selecta one Petunia – as of now 100 % GMO free

The appearance of genetically modified Petunia varieties has a lasting effect on the green industry. The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira had been detecting genetic modifications in several orange-coloured Petunia varieties. Genetically modified plant varieties are not permitted in the EU and can only be cultivated and marketed after a special approval procedure. The same applies to other markets, e.g. in North America.
Promptly on becoming aware of this information, which was also new for the breeding company, Selecta one proactively informed its customers extensively to ensure a trading stop of genetically modified Petunia varieties. Three varieties bred by Selecta had been affected. This approach has been based solely on the existing legal basis, as according to official information by authorities genetic modified Petunia varieties pose no risks to human health or to the environment.
Selecta one has been breeding in several plant species and innovating new varieties solely by crossing and selecting based on natural breeding methods. One example is the successful Petunia introduction of last year NightSky®. This variety offers a unique, unprecedented flower pattern and has been established as a top seller in markets worldwide.

While examinations are still ongoing in several EU-countries to see how the genetically modified Petunia varieties had been brought to the markets, Selecta one assigned an accredited test laboratory to test all Petunia varieties on genetic modifications. The test results from the finish authorities had been confirmed, but beyond that all other varieties are free of genetic modifications. Selecta one has been the first breeder to face the responsibility towards its customers and can now announce that as of now all Selecta Petunia are proven to be GMO free, meaning all varieties have been created naturally.