Stuttgart, 2018-01-19

Selecta one Poinsettia SK 136 wins highly appreciated LTO Novelty Award 2017

The Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture LTO Nederland (Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie) awarded the Poinsettia variety SK 136 by Selecta one with the highly appreciated LTO Novelty Award 2017.
The red Poinsettia SK 136 is a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. It develops light red bracts on top of the dark greenish leaves with many yellow cyathias in the centre of each bract, thus looking like a traditional Poinsettia. In contrary to the varieties of the past, these cyathias last very long, which ensures a long shelf life for every single plant. This is very important for today’s often very long distance selling between the grower and the actual place of sales.  Characteristic for the SK 136 is a reaction time of seven weeks, its cleanliness and its good root system. Furthermore, it is easy to grow. It has got an uniform and upright growth and strong stems which are of very good quality. That’s why breakage of branches during packing and transport will be little. SK 136 is very durable and is very well suited for sale in 6 cm pots.

The LTO Novelty Award 2017 reflects the appreciation of a great variety which will support growers worldwide marketizing poinsettia to consumers. Especially concerning the packing capacity and the durability SK 136 got a good evaluation by LTO Nederland. Also this year the popular variety Christmas Feelings® has proved itself as most durable variety in all evaluated pot sizes.

Each year LTO Nederland presents an award for Poinsettias. Therefore, the organisation compares Poinsettia novelties of selected producers for evaluation and as durability test with the aim of improving quality and getting information of the new varieties for the next year from the producers.

LTO Nederland (Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie) is an entrepreneurial and employers’ organisation. It represents almost 50,000 agricultural entrepreneurs. The cooperative arrangement works in support of their economic and social position.

Press Release: Selecta one Poinsettia SK 136 wins highly appreciated LTO Novelty Award 2017 (PDF)