Stuttgart, 2016-01-21

Selectas are running into the wild at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya

It is a kind of an imagination about us, from our own history, from the origin of man. Like a hundred thousand years ago, human beings are running through the African Rift Valley, passing by antelopes, zebras and other wildlife. Maybe they are hunting game or worse, running away from a dangerous predator? No, because it is the year 2015.

This is a real picture from the Safaricom Marathon which has taken place at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya in June, for the 16th time. The marathon is organized by the Tusk Trust and Lewa and supported by Safaricom for the purpose of fundraising and yes, also for great sports and fun. The event has attracted this year more than 1,200 runners from over 20 countries.

The impact of the event has been huge and the benefits are very tangible. Since its inception, the event has raised over $4.9 million. Tusk and Lewa have always shared a common goal to use wildlife conservation as a catalyst to alleviate poverty, reduce conflict, and improve education and livelihoods in rural areas rich in biodiversity. The conservancy protects a vast assortment of plains game including giraffe, buffalo and elephants. It also protects the largest remaining populations of Grevy´s zebras and rhinos in Kenya.

Employees of the Selecta group and its Kenyan production facility Selecta Kenya have participated and thus supported this event since 2011. This year the mixed group of Kenyan and European runners reached the best result ever and climbed in the category of Half Marathon Team Event on the 3rd place!! Robert Mbithi a semi-professional runner and employee of Selecta Kenya even made it up to the top and won the halfmarathon as individual in an ever record time. Big applause and congratulations for the success, the team spirit and the contribution and commitment to create a future for Kenyas wildlife and its neighbouring communities.
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Selecta is a third generation family owned group of companies active in the field of breeding, propagation and distribution of vegetative propagated ornamental plants. The company is especially known for its innovative and high-quality breeding in Poinsettia, Pelargonium, Osteospermum, Calibrachoa and Carnation amongst others. The company’s headquarter is in Stuttgart, Germany with subsidiaries in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Kenya, Uganda and Japan.
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