Stuttgart, 2016-09-29

Serengeti® Grasses concept

Serengeti® Grasses is a new marketing concept to promote grasses. Several grasses of the Selecta assortment were chosen and rebranded to represent the graceful beauty of the Serengeti grassland in domestic gardens and on terraces.

Serengeti, the largest completely connected grassland with a huge population of typical African animals, is best known from the 1959 film classic “Serengeti shall not die” by Michael Grzimek. Today the Serengeti is more endangered than ever. The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) is an international conservation organisation committed to preserving wildlands and biological diversity in the last remaining wilderness areas on the planet. Selecta one supports the work of the FZS with donations.

The concept which was developed in cooperation with Floramedia serves current longings for unspoiled natural landscapes.  Posters and labels with atmospheric pictures were designed to enable an emotional approach at the POS. Eye catcher is the visual motif of a glorious lion in a sea of grasses in the Serengeti. Selling grasses has another advantage: grasses like Pennisetum, Carex or Imperata are especially climate-friendly. They belong to the group of so called C4 plants, meaning they are absorbing a high amount of carbon dioxide.

Hence, our concept Serengeti® grasses has its finger on the pulse of the times and is well suited to present topics like environmental protection and animal welfare at the POS.