Stuttgart, 2016-07-26

Show garden top varieties of the month July

Our show garden in Stuttgart is in full bloom. As every year Thorsten Köhn, our head of Sales, presents his favourite varieties:

Petunia NightSky®

NightSky® keeps its promises in all respects. The variety is weather resistant and vigorous and also the unique “starry sky” pattern is very stable. From near and far the impact of this variety is incredible and it always looks good in the sun or the shade. The trailing habit is suited for balconies or beds. NightSky® is the ideal product and a win for all – producers, retailers and customers.

Calibrachoa Rave®

Rave® is our new, modern Calibrachoa line with a star pattern. The varieties are compact,  early flowering in production and vigorous at the customers’. All varieties show a round, harmonious shape and flowers. The different varieties in trendy colours show a very stable star pattern and are heat tolerant. Especially eye-catching are Rave® Cherry, Rave® Violet and Rave® Pink.

Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double

The Calibrachoa varieties of our MiniFamous® Double line have a stable double flowering and a good plant body. All varieties in the show garden prove their weather resistance. Also the varieties without shelter convince with a nice round shape and are rich flowering. The whole colour range is covered, all flowers have a stable colour and in spite of cold nights the plants are vigorous. Highlights are MiniFamous® Compact Double Rose (stable colour), MiniFamous® Double Pink Vein (plant shape), MiniFamous® Double Lemon 15 (habit) und die Neuheit MiniFamous® Double Light Blue (stable double flowering).

Pelargonium Marcada®

Marcada are continuously flowering and all bud stages can be seen on the plant. All three varieties Marcada® Dark Red, Marcada® Pink and Marcada® Magenta are early flowering with a round, harmonious shape. Marcada varieties are ideal for window boxes or baskets as a single plant or in mixed containers. The striking colours with an amazing long-distance impact can be combined with any other colour and make Marcada a perfect mix partner. Marcada varieties are weather resistant and appeal to a broad audience.

Lantana SunFun

SunFun is the new promising Lantana series in the Selecta assortment. The seven varieties have a compact growth habit and are early flowering. SunFun varieties are rich flowering, weather resistant and continuously flowering. The line covers all important colours and shows the typical play of colours.

Sanvitalia Picador® Compact Yellow

The variety Picador® Compact Yellow is an ideal summer companion. Rich flowering with a stable and round, harmonious shape, Picador® Compact Yellow is ideal for mixed containers or as a ground cover.


You can find more impressions in our picture gallery.