Stuttgart, 2018-10-30

Taspo Award 2018 for our Pink Kisses campaign

Yes, we got it! We won the Taspo Award 2018 for our Pink Kisses campaign in the category “best offer for the next generation”!
On Friday, 26 October 2018, the Taspo Awards ceremony took place in Berlin and we are very happy that we got one of the popular awards. Richard Petri (Director Marketing and Productmanagement) and Marrin Twisselmann (from our marketing agency for the Pink Kisses campaign) received the award onstage.
The Taspo Awards are a competition in the green industry in Germany. Taspo (a weekly horticultural newspaper) yearly awards winners in different categories.
In 2017, we took a new approach with our Pink Kisses sales strategy. Instead of focussing purely on B2B marketing aimed at gardeners and resellers, we directly targeted end consumers for the first time, with our nationwide "Pink Kisses® as beautiful as our friendship" campaign. By specifically appealing to young women aged between 18 and 35 via social media, prominent influencers, publications in target audience-specific online and printed media and events, we were able to successfully position our mini carnations within the target group as the ideal small gift for best friends. – This was worth it for the Taspo Awards jury (35 well-known personalities of the horticultural industry in Germany) to award us with the prize this year.
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