Stuttgart, 2017-04-27

The creation of new Trixi® combinations

„Stagnation equals regression“ – for this reason we are trying to improve our Trixi® programme constantly. Hence, every year we are testing new combination possibilities and improved varieties in existing mixes. For us it is especially important to include the latest genetics into our mixes to always stay up-to-date. 
How we test new mixes!
1. Possible new recipes are tested in our rooting station in Stuttgart (2-3 times) for rooting performance.

2. Mixes that work in rooting are moving on to further testing and evaluated using a point system.

When selecting improved mixes we have the following goals:
Uniformity in terms of flowering time (earlier and/or more regular) and growth behaviour (single components in the mixes).
Growth characteristics like vigour (to reduce the need of PGR) and habit (to ensure a round plant body)

3. Points are given during grower trials using pots and baskets and for summer performance. However, only recipes passing spring trialing will be tested outdoors.

4. Recipes passing all technical trials are judged in spring as well as in summer by our “Trixi® committee”. They judge the colour combination, decor value, and overall impression.

5. The selected mixes are finished again the following spring and are then presented to our sales managers for the final selection.

From approx. 150 recipes tested annually (new mixes and possible improvements) around 10 actually make it into the Trixi® programme!